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Our Process

Carpet Cleaning Process

Pre Inspection and Pre vacuum

We do inspect all carpeted areas as the first thing and then pre-vacuum all areas with the industrial-grade vacuum cleaner to remove all dry dirt or debris from carpets.

Pre-Spray Carpet and Agitation

In the next step of the carpet cleaning process, technicians pre-spray the carpet using a unique product ‘Turbo-Dry Soil Release’ and agitate with a specialized brush.

Carpet Stain Treatment

In the next stage, all individual stains are treated using a wide range of specialized non-toxic stain removers depending on the type of stain. We have tea and coffee removers as well as those for red wine, rust, paints, lipsticks, ink and even chewing gum

Steam Cleaning

The hot extraction method removes all dirt from the deepest part of carpets with the help of a specialized steam cleaning method. Moreover, these types of equipment have high suction intakes and high-pressure steam sprays that result in professional steam clean.

Specialised Cleaning Process

Upholstery Cleaning Process

Rug Cleaning Process

Mattress Cleaning Process

Leather Cleaning Process

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